Audi and Snapchat

Every year, the Super Bowl comes around and companies spend millions of dollars producing a perfect 30-second spot to capture audiences and motivate people to buy. With the rise in digital marketing, however, it is simply not enough for a brand to just rely on the television spot alone. Most companies are doing this well by incorporating hashtags into their ads to keep the conversation rolling online after the commercial has aired. Audi took it a step further than most brands this year by utilizing the relatively new social media tool, Snapchat.


      Audi’s Super Bowl ad itself was centered around a couple who could not agree on whether to get a Doberman or a chihuahua for their first puppy. They bred them together to create a strange-looking “Doberhuahua” that turned many heads.  The idea behind the ad and the entire new Audi marketing campaign is to “Stay Uncompromised.” They included a hashtag (#StayUncompromised) at the end of the ad, which got a small amount of buzz on Twitter.


      That is the typical formula that most brands used during the Super Bowl. They aired an interesting ad, included a hashtag, and let conversation happen on Twitter. Loren Angelo, Audi’s Director of Marketing, recognizes that the Super Bowl is not just a one-day event, but rather a month-long conversation. Audi hopes to engage in this conversation by employing Snapchat. Snapchat is typically used for individual communication and not generally used by larger brands to convey messages. Audi, however, has an account and posts 10 second Snapchat videos to the “My Story” feature on the app that center around the idea of “uncompromising” in areas like pop culture, news, and fun facts. They are also encouraging users to send them Snapchat videos of how they are “staying uncompromised” in their own lives and are employing two separate call centers to manage all of the incoming videos. Audi began sending videos on Sunday before the Super Bowl and will continue to do so for the next month while running more advertisements with the idea of “staying uncompromised.”

But will this make a difference for Audi at all? Is it a tangible marketing campaign that will actually start conversation? In my opinion, Snapchat is not the proper platform to keep the conversation going. Snapchat is primarily used by consumers in the 18-24 range and these young consumers are not buying Audis. These consumers are also not using Snapchat to engage with brands. They merely want to use it to be silly with their friends. It seems to me that Audi missed their target market with this campaign. While people may want to add Audi on Snapchat to receive their funny videos, I do not think this will inspire anyone to make a purchase. I applaud Audi for being one of the first brands to attempt to utilize Snapchat as a social media marketing tool but I do not think the campaign will produce the results they want. This campaign, along with their Super Bowl ad, is funny and engaging but does not seem to truly represent the Audi brand, a brand known for its class and worldliness. Snapchat, in my opinion, is just not the social media that demonstrates class or worldliness of any kind. -Kinsey Minschke

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