HUVr Boards and Their Viral Videos

Many news websites were buzzing this week as HUVr released promotional videos for their hover board product. This story, seemingly right out of the future, has has had news outlets and social media users arguing relentlessly on whether or not the project could be real or not. The video can be seen below, with an introduction from Doc Brown himself (Christopher Lloyd), and testimonies from celebrities of all kinds.

Many were quick to point out harnesses and wires, and many more have tried finding ways to prove that it is just a hoax, but HUVr has relentlessly denied all claims and continue to maintain their innocence, even releasing a video “explaining” how the technology works. Now even if this happens to be a hoax, it could be one of the greatest viral video and social media campaigns to hit the internet in a while. HUVr has set up a complete site (, which includes product features, 4 different colorways for the boards, a full about me page, links to their social media pages, business partners (which include Tony Hawk and Sharktank investor/Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who claims “Once in a rare while do you get the chance to be part of something this big. This is one of those times. I’ve never been so excited for a product I’ve invested in. This f**king thing is going to change the world!”


HUVr board in the original Back to the Future colorway.

Now let’s talk about the very strong possibility that this is a hoax (even though HUVr claims differently). They have completely set up a website, started a social media campaign, and have gotten the endorsement of many celebrities. In the video you can see celebrities of all kinds trying out the board: Moby, Tony Hawk, Schoolboy Q, and Terrell Owens, among others. If this ends up being a giant social media campaign for a new Back to the Future installment, it brings into question whether or not this could set a precedent for new ways of revealing movies and other media. It also makes me wonder if the release of Nike Air Mags (the self tying shoes) to the public this year could also be part of a giant campaign to announce the release of a new movie. This video not only grabbed the attention of the younger generation who are most likely freaking out over the prospect of a hover board, but also grabbed the attention younger adults who grew up with these movies and feel a bit of nostalgia while stumbling upon the gift they totally wished the could have had as a child.

This could possibly even be a campaign to gain attention for the HUVr company, who could be hard at work with other products that are 100% legit. This obviously would create a storm of buzz for the company and would allow them to have a large following when releasing new products. It wouldn’t be out of the question, as they have created social media accounts on Facebook (115,673 likes) and Twitter (14.7k followers) to garner interest in those platforms as well. It’s been a while since I have seen a youtube video work so well as a social media and buzz tool for gaining loyal followers.

For now all we can do is speculate, some will say it’s a hoax, some will say it’s a social media campaign for a new movie, or a new company, and others might just say it’s ridiculous. The best we can do is continue to follow their social media accounts, and wait for the alleged release date in December 2014. Only then will we know if this was a giant hoax, a real product, or a long term campaign for a new Back to the Future (which I could totally get down with).

Here are the links to their Twitter and Facebook:

Max Lyons


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