Is Google Taking Over the World?


If you have ever been on the Internet, then you most likely will have used Google. But what is Google? Most people will immediately say it’s a search engine, and they are not wrong. However, recently Google as a company has become more than just a search engine. With additional services and products added to its original base offerings, Google has also become a social media site, and email provider, a Cloud storage system, a cell-phone provider, a thermostat company, a restaurant reviewer, just about everything.


Recently, buzz has been growing for one of Google’s latest projects, Google Fiber. Google Fiber is “a different kind of internet and TV” provider. It is 100 times faster than most broadband providers and also offers the full wait and support of Google. Not only with it do you get 1000mbps, but you also get a terabyte of cloud storage compatible with Google Drive, Gmail, and Google+, a Nexus 7 Tablet to use as your remote, and DVR.  With this offering Google is completely blowing its competition out of the water. Its also establishing a certain notion that anything Google does is better than any offer competing companies can make, by integrating new products and service with preexisting products and services. 


Meanwhile, Google is also spying on its user, a company rep told Education Week that the company scans and indexes emails and uses the data for potential advertising, among other purposes. And, its not like we don’t know it’s happen. Most of us are vaguely aware Google is monitoring our activity, its just we don’t care enough to stop using them.  Its all written in Gmail’s terms and condition (not that anyone ever reads those anyway) and with recent complaints against the NSA in regards to monitoring and privacy infringement and Google’s involvement with them, everyone seems to be to some degree aware of what’s going on.


However, what most people don’t realize is how young of a company Google is and how much they have diversified. If Google was a person, they would be 16, he or she wouldn’t be able to vote, buy a R-rated ticket at the movie theater, buy a pack of cigs a beer or even a lotto ticket. And yet Google has over 70 offices in 40 countries around the globe, with close to 150 acquisitions and approximately 88 subsidiaries across numerous industries. It seems like slowly but surely Google is integrating itself into every aspect of our lives. Be it at home with their Nest thermostats, in your pocket as an android phone, when out to eat with the Zagat, as our Internet provider with Google Fiber, and maybe even on our faces with Google Glasses. Google might just be slowly but surely taking over the world.



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