McDonald’s and Taco Bell Social Media War

It is no secret that Taco Bell has been targeting McDonald’s breakfast line in their attempt to market their breakfast foods. Below are a few ads circulating the internet from Taco Bell:

McDonald’s response to these ads was quite impressive. They posted the following photo on Facebook:


They also held a few flash mobs throughout the country advertising their McCafé line and handed out free coffee after. Here’s one of the flash mobs in Chicago:

This breakfast war has been all over my news feed, twitter feed, recommended to me on Youtube, my friends are talking about it and the commercials are on during my favorite television programs. But one aspect of this brand war is not so public and isn’t being talked about, and that is each brand’s use of Snapchat.

Up to the days leading up to Taco Bell’s breakfast launch, they created snap stories as a way to tease their audience about the upcoming breakfast menu. They created sequenced stories to engage their audience and even thanked them for counting down the days.


In response to this marketing strategy, McDonald’s hasn’t had as strong of a Snapchat presence. It seems that their stories are out of sequence and are random. They haven’t quite figured out yet how to use this platform to advertise to their audiences. Here is a sample of McDonald’s snap stories:


Who would have thought Snapchat would have such an impact? It is a great way to create fun, creative messages to send to a large (and growing) audience. There are about 26 million users on Snapchat sending about 400 million snaps per day. If that isn’t a large audience reach, I don’t know what is.

-Renee Deschene


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