The Past is Now

You might remember my blog post a little while ago detailing the effects of the vertical acquisition merger between Facebook and Oculus.  Gentlemen, the future is coming, and its apparent that it’s going to appear in full force.  Soon we’ll all have virtual reality headsets, goblins will come out of bushes, and we’ll be forced to live in a word based off of our own fantasies.  Alright, maybe all of that won’t happen, but technology is really attempting to put us on the right track towards future development.  And Google is at the forefront of it all.

It’s true, Google is truly at the front lines.  Cue in their latest technological advancement with regards to Google Maps, “Time Machine”.  Wait, let me say that one more time.  Google has created their very own time machine program, that uses Google Maps to go back in the past.

BN-CM288_google_G_20140422213901 BN-CM287_google_G_20140422213617

I know, it sounds absolutely crazy right?  Let me explain.  Google has been incorporating into its Google Maps program a “street view” function since 2007.  If you’ve used it, you have probably attempted to see your own house that you live at while on the computer.  A pretty nifty little function that Google Maps had, it allowed users to get a detailed look at their location.  If you needed a landmark in order to solidify your sense of direction, than Google has you covered.  You could even use this on your phone, allowing someone to be on-the-go with the utmost certainty in their location.  Now, with the Time Machine function, users will be able to view the details of a specific location dating all the way back to 2007, when Google Maps created Street View.  This means that a user will be able to literally “go back in time” and see how certain locations looked back in the past!  How cool is that?!


Now this isn’t possible for every area.  Google Maps will decide whether or not you can use the Time Machine function by depicting an hourglass in the corner of your screen for applicable places.  Next, a timeline will show up, allowing you to go however far back you so please, as long as Google lets you.  So what does this mean for Google?  Well, I’ll leave that up to your discretion.  Maybe they’ll take over the world, but maybe they will just offer up a better view on past issues.  It’s true, they really do own all the data in the world.  Present, past, and future.  Check it out in action here! 


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