Are Instagram and Vine on the Way Up In the Pro Sports World?

Instagram and Vine, the two social media platforms that were once considered misfits for brands, are now starting to find their niche — especially for pro sports teams. For the longest time professional teams had no idea how to utilize Instagram or Vine.

Teams were faced with various questions:

How do I post such a short video and get my message across?

How do I run a successful Instagram campaign for my team?

But soon after teams realized it was no different than keeping a tweet within 140 characters. Vine is still a work in progress, though, as teams are still figuring out how to run a proper campaign. Although Vine is a little bit behind Instagram, the two social medias are creeping in on the 1 – 2 punch of Facebook and Twitter.


It will be interesting to see what social media platform pro teams are using the most in the future and how they best utilize each one.

-Nick Welch


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