Social Media Reactions to the Sterling Decision

The NBA playoffs have basically been on the back burner since the horrifically racist words from LA Clippers owner, Donald Sterling. The spotlight is no longer on an individual team or a single player, but rather the league as a whole. When something as awful as this happens, everything is put into perspective. How can players celebrate winning a game when a owner in the league has unacceptable morals. How can fans enjoy watching a game? New NBA commissioner Adam Silver cracked down and eliminated any hope Sterling had to get a foot back into the NBA industry. He will never be allowed back in, and many happy fans took to social media to express how they feel.


Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 9.28.20 PM

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While some decided to commend commissioner Adam Silver (as he should be), others thought a bit deeper and still have a bitter taste in their mouth. “Forcing Sterling to sell the team would force him to accrue close to $1 billion in profit.” Said David Corn. “Banned for life. But only after the people he hates made him rich for life #Sterling.” Tweeted Frank Wain. At this point, the NBA, and this country as a whole, can only take a step forward towards progress after a horrible person like Sterling forces us to take so many steps back.

-Nick Welch


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