Fall TV Season Premieres; Live Tweeting & Online Buzz

by: Elise Mesa

September is premiere time for most television shows, and networks are working harder than ever to gain more viewers than their competitors. Twitter has run analytics on exactly what kind of impact social media engagement can have on viewership of a television show, specifically taking a look at the live-tweeting phenomenon.

Study: Exposure to TV Tweets drives consumers to take action – both on and off of Twitter 



With the clear analytics showing the correlation between live-tweeting and increasing viewers, I don’t understand why everyone in the television business isn’t tweeting more! ABC’s hit show “Scandal” was once on the verge of being cancelled before creator, Shonda Rhimes and actress, Kerry Washington turned to Social Media. Once the cast began live-tweeting episodes on every coast, the show became a hit, and Twitter’s research efforts agree.

Programs whose cast members live-tweet when their show is airing generate 64% more buzz than programs whose cast members don’t. When the show’s official account is live-tweeting, there’s still a lift,but only by 7%. The same is true in concerns to gaining new Twitter followers. Though it varies by genre, shows will usually see an increase in the rate of follower acquisition during their episode broadcasts, but when the cast is live-tweeting, the rate of increase jumps by 228%.

Best Social Media Practices for TV:Untitled

  •  “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” does a great job moving their already quality broadcast show online with their YouTube channel with more than four million subscribers and videosgoing viral every week. They are also brilliant in engaging their audience on twitter in the weekly Hashtags feature, where Fallon puts out a hashtag and encourages viewers to tweet using that specific hashtag- the funniest ones are read on the air and the hashtag almost always becomes a trending topic on Twitter.


  • “The Mindy Project” star, director and co-executive producer Mindy Kaling is very activeon Instagramposting personal snippets, behind the scenes images, as well as promotional photos counting down to the show’s premiere. We’re a part of a culture that idolizes celebrities so a network should use it.
  • Screen shot 2014-09-24 at 4.08.23 PMThe Shonda Rhimes’ takeover (“Scandal”, “Greys Anatomy” & “How To Get Away With Murder”) is happening Thursday’son ABC, and with “Scandals” social media success, it’s only expected they run with the hashtag “#TGIT” (Thank God It’s Thursday) and get the whole cast and network involved on twitter engagement.

*BONUS* How To Live-tweet a Television Event; ex: Jay Z & Beyonce’s ON THE RUN Tour Concert movie


SOURCE: http://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffbercovici/2014/09/18/twitter-quantifies-impact-of-live-tweeting-on-tv-engagement/


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