6 Tips from Guy Kawasaki on Creating The Perfect Post

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Hubspot hosted their annual Inbound conference last week and it brought in more than 10,000 people from all corners of the world. Guy Kawasaki was one of the keynote speakers, and he shared lessons he learned from Steve Jobs in his talk on Monday night & tips for creating “The Perfect Post” in a smaller “Inbound Experts” session Tuesday morning. In this session, Guy explained what it takes to create an attractive, high-impact post on social media. Here’s what you need to do on social media to create it, from Guy Kawasaki himself:

1)     Be brief

According to Guy, brief means a 50 character headline, 3 sentence body, and active voice.

2)     Use bullets, numbers, and sections

Guy said that he loves when a post has these qualities because he knows it’s well thought out & organized; not “stream of consciousness bullshit.” He’s definitely not the only person who prefers a mix of words & photos to a massive block of text; BuzzFeed certainly knows this.

3)     Every post should have a visual

This rule applies to when you’re posting content on social media. Instead of just sharing a link and going with the associated image, manually post the photo— it will be larger and therefore more attention-grabbing, instead of a minute thumbnail.

4)     Use hashtags

Did you know that Google+ adds hashtags (based on the content of the post) when they see 2+ hashtags based on the content of what you posted? I didn’t. This feature allows you to assess how well the hashtags you used reflect the message of the post.

5)     Check your content & profiles using Incognito mode

Guy recommends opening your browser in incognito mode to see how others who are not you view your content. Apparently we may be surprised by what we (others) see.

6)     Schedule & spread out

Guy said that he posts a lot, and sometimes people complain about it. I checked out his Twitter, and he wasn’t lying– he sends out tweets every 15(ish) minutes!

Inevitably, there are people who complain about too many posts. His response to these people? UFM: UnFollow Me.


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