How Key & Peele Used Social Media To Create A Brand


Key Peele

     The dynamic duo of Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are best known for their sketch comedy TV show known as Key & Peele. In their show, Key & Peele specialize in playing an incredibly large range of characters. They are known best perhaps as viral sensations, nearly every Key & Peele sketch has at least a million views on YouTube. Early on, Key & Peele struggled getting their Youtube viewers to watch the actual show when it aired. But it appears that they have gotten over that hump by tirelessly pumping out hilarious original content, advertising the actual show at the end of every YouTube video (Like us on YouTube? Then You’ll Love Us on TV!) as well as making good use of expensive ad-time like their refreshingly funny Xbox One commercial.


     Key & Peele has an extremely personal relationship with their fan-base. One example of this is when they played as their over-the-top, super enthusiastic action movie fans The Valets in a live sketch with Liam Neeson (who is heavily referenced in every sketch with The Valets) at San Diego Comic-Con. Smart moves like this not only demonstrate how funny they are but how effective they are at broadcasting their brand and establishing their relationship with their fan-base. It also doesn’t hurt that they helped Liam Neeson promote his new movie “Non-Stop” thus proving their worth to brands everywhere. I mean the live-sketch promotion only got a measly 1.9 million views after all.


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