Mo ‘Gates’ Mo Problems

First there was #bendgate, a crisis in which skinny jean-ed iPhone 6 users issued reports that the shape of the phone literally warped when minimal pressure was applied. When you are paying $200-400 for a product that has the reputation of being the best in its class, the last concern that comes to mind is whether or not it will retain its shape in your pocket. However, malleable iPhone 6’s everywhere are confirming the tragedy is true.


So what is the latest catastrophe for iPhone 6 users? The newest hashtag to strike the phone in its nascent release stage is yet another physical flaw of the phone. The user-coined term, ‘hairgate’, is being tossed around to describe another iPhone phenomenon in which the the space between the screen and its backing is trapping users hair–beards included–and upon hanging up a phone call, taking a little souvenir from the users head and/or face.

Twitter user Dave Smith was quick to assert, “if you buy an iPhone 6, you better be bald.” And individual users aren’t the only ones who are comedically capitalizing on the low hanging fruit that is #hairgate. Razor company, Gillette saw a quick advertising opportunity and (tastefully utilizing the trending topic) snatched it.

“Your phone may be smarter than ever, but leave the shaving to the experts, #beardgate.” -@Gillette

Mashable had a thing or two to say…

So, what does the future now hold for Apple in its continuously tempestuous release of the iPhone 6? #Slipgate, when the iPhone magically slides out of the warentee-less user’s hand. Or maybe, #Cameragate, when the phone starts recording video of the users without them knowing. Ultimately, all of these issues manifest in the question, “is all publicity, good publicity”? In my eyes, when you’re a trusted tech brand like apple, known for its quality, maybe not? Especially, if there’s a Samsung Galaxy quickly approaching in the rearview mirror.

By Stefan Rehr Twitter: @RefnStare


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