Are you googling your medical symptoms too?

When people feel ill they want to know what is it and how they can deal with the disease, when this happens what most people do the common thing to do its google it,thinking that the information they will find they will answers this questions. However, they don’t know neither, how reliable  the source is nor how many other diseases have the same effects. Therefore,  this can lead to wrong information and potentially harmful misdiagnosis.

The Flemish government in Belgium commissioned DDB Brussels to help remedy the situation,wants people to stop googling their medical symptoms with no sense if its a reliable source or not, so the agency came up with an intriguing remedy.

Sometimes internet is not that reliable as we believe, so they recommend everyone to start (the ones that are doing it) looking for information in official or certificated and reliables sources.

”They bought Google AdWords for the top 100 symptoms. Now, when people search Google about their ailments, the top result reads, “Don’t Google it, check a reliable source,” and clicks through to the Gezondheid en Wetenschap (Health and Science) website.”

Source: Gianatasio, D. November 10,2014 How this agency cleverly stopped people from googling their medica symptoms. (Adweek)

Teresa Puch

Twitter: @Tere_Puchera


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