That time #AlexFromTarget accidentally became famous

By Mariesa Negosanti @mariesanego

Who is Alex and why is he famous? Wouldn’t we all like to know. No, really, we would like to know. The basic answer is this: Alex is a sixteen-year-old boy from Frisco, TX who works at Target and seemingly became famous because he works at Target. That seems like a valid reason to become famous, right? …Right?

So what makes Alex so different from every other Target employee? Maybe it’s his speed at the register, or smile as he greets the guests. Nope, that’s not it. It’s the simple fact that one young adolescent girl thought he was cute, snapped a pic of him working, and tweeted it to the world of other adolescent girls pining over their feed waiting for the next half naked picture of Nick Jonas to go alexviral.

This one image caused Alex to go from 144 Twitter followers to over 734,000 in just a few days. He was obviously very confused when he saw all of notifications on his feed and even tweeted “Am I famous now?”

Since becoming famous, Alex has appeared on Ellen and been featured in the New York Times, along with other local news outlets. But how does Alex feel about his new found fame? Truly, it seems like he’s taking it pretty well. Aside from the obvious discomfort of random strangers taking interest in his life, sometimes going as far as death threats and identity theft, it seems he is using his fame for good.

He has been replying to his “fans” with encouragement and even helping his mother promote her recently created nonprofit called Just Love International. Its mission is to help children in South America who have lost their parents, which is something he seems passionate about helping with in the future.

While this whole thing is truly just very strange, it makes you wonder what you would do with your power if you became internet famous for essentially no reason. Luckily for us, Alex isn’t using his power to break the internet like our good friend Kim Kardashian.


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