Sour Patch: The Hippest Candy This Side of the East River.

In the past 10 years or so, Brooklyn, NY has become the mecca of all things hip: a breeding ground for wide-rimmed glasses, audacious handlebar mustaches, and many of today’s most prominent indie bands. It is a place that cool kids cite as being cool and, as such, is home to many of society’s artistic ‘tastemakers‘.


Corner of Bedford Ave and N. 7th St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Recently, Sour Patch Kids are the latest brand to hop on the Brooklyn bandwagon and, by purchasing a four bedroom, two and a half bathroom house in the borough’s historic Clinton Hill Neighborhood, they have taken a large stride in aligning their image with that of the modern day hipster. Calling the house the “Brooklyn Patch”, the candy company has opened its doors to touring bands, who need a respite from the road. As of now, several bands have already booked their stay, including Providence R.I. internationally touring acts, Magic Man and Deer Tick.


The living room of the Brooklyn Patch.

In spite of that, free always comes at a price. The band in residence will be required to record original content to compensate for their stay, which will then be posted on the Sour Patch Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as a Brooklyn Patch Tumblr. The length of the artists’ stay will accordingly determine how much material they will be asked to create.


Deer Tick is one of many bands who have signed on to stay at the Patch, which is booked through the end of the year.

At the end of the day, teenagers are the sugar-consuming customers of sour patch and the company’s swanky Brooklyn apartment will serve to bolster brand awareness by aligning with their target audience’s perceived music taste. In a recent conversation with AdAge about the patch and indie music culture, Sour Patch Marketing Director, Farrah Bezner, commented “We wanted to be able to contribute”. For Sour Patch, the question then becomes, will the multi-million dollar Brooklyn investment be a worthwhile one? One that will provide some return on the Patch’s seemingly massive price tag? For Bezner, the answer is irrelevant, telling AdAge the company is content “As long as we’re part of the conversation.” And that conversation will continue, at least into 2015, with an Austin Patch already in the works for SXSW 2015.

Escrito por Stefan Rehr (@refnstare)


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