Don’t Push Away the Pinners: Big Potential Lies in Pinterest for Brands


Pinterest, the platform based off the sensation of pinning used for planning and brainstorming, best not be neglected as opportunities for brands to increase sales rises.


The content sharing platform, Pinterest, is generally used as a planning outlet for users as one develops ideas, collects designs, and hoards inspiration for a number of uses ranging from fashion to do-it-yourself projects. However, despite the 100 million participants on Pinterest today, the majority of content is actually brand generated. Consumers may be creating boards left and right for every topic under the sun, but the bulk of these pins are coming directly from brands themselves, not individual consumers.


Pinterest has taken this into consideration and has fully evolved itself into a hub for social commerce. Initially launching six years ago with a simple sharing tool, the “Pin It” function allows users to save content to their own boards. Despite its early motive, Pinterest has come a long way shifting their focus into that of a search platform than a mindless time sucking vacuum for consumers. As of last year, the platform enabled users to immediately buy from any pin with the “Buy It” button that leads consumers straight to the point of purchase online. Going one step further, the recent purchase of the bookmarking app, Instapaper, has given users yet another tool to search, archive, and reach potential brands better than ever before.


pinterest-buy-it-nimblechapps-1024x616Following the likes of leading social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, our favorite pinning platform recently jumped on the promoted video ad bandwagon. Annoying as promoted posts are, especially video content, these posts are doing relatively well on Pinterest. Chalk the popularity up to the time consuming, I mean lengthy average time use of Pinterest users. With a 60% increase of video content since last year, this summer saw the launch of promoted video ads. Increasingly closing the purchasing gap between consumer and product, Pinterest is pulling out all stops to make it quick and easy for brands to alleviate the distance from consideration set to point of purchase for consumers.



It seems Pinterest has found its niche in the social media world – a leading platform for brands to garner traffic and business through social commerce. With the backbone of social media being sharing content, Pinterest is taking a stab at honing in on the link between brand consideration and purchase. The biggest value of Pinterest may no longer lie in its nature of a unique search platform for consumers but rather in its invaluable ease for online marketing and sales strategies.


– Amber // Twitter @loosetraffic Instagram @amberhues



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