Sparkling Water Goes Social

If you were to take a look into the fridge of a millennial, you probably wouldn’t find much. Typical contents include last night’s leftovers, a bunch of wilted kale, random condiments and…LaCroix. Over the past couple of years, LaCroix Sparkling water has become a staple in the life of a millennial without the company having to use traditional paid marketing.

The beverage industry is a billion dollar industry and millennials are becoming more health conscious, which means that they are shifting away from traditional beverages like Coke or Pepsi. According to this Bloomberg article, Coke and Pepsi were unable to capture the sparkling water mark


graph of LaCroix’s stock price from Vox.

et because people were already drinking LaCroix. There are a lot of articles out there that detail the monetary success of the brand itself, however ,one thing missing from those articles is the fact that LaCroix has captured an entire market without the use of traditional paid marketing.



LaCroix got its start around 30 years ago in Wisconsin. The brightly colored cans were a staple in the Midwestern Mom’s diet. Fast forward to 2015, it has become a status symbol for health-conscious millennials. Many offices consider LaCroix a staple and keep it stocked in the office fridge at all times. It has helped many people give up pop and sugary energy drinks for good. It’s also become a cultural phenomenon going as far as being featured on the New York Times‘ website.

The unspoken obsession with LaCroix and its whimsical packaging has taken over the social feeds of any ~woke~ millennial. It has also garnered the attention of millennial-dominated media sources like Buzzfeed and Refinery29.  There have been heated debates about the best LaCroix flavors (my personal favorite is Lime) and Whole Foods stores in hipster neighborhoods that have had their stocks of the bubbly beverage wiped cleanEver wonder what flavor of LaCroix you are? You’re in luck because there’s a Buzzfeed quiz about it. Ever wanted to create your own flavor? There’s a generator for that.

It goes to show that social media can truly make anything fad, as is the case with LaCroix and something as mundane as sparkling water. While they might not be taking over the entire beverage industry anytime soon, their relevance on social media will probably stand the test of time. If all else fails we can always remember our LaCroix obsessions with various Pampy themed paraphernalia and this pièce de résistance:

Adrianna Imbriano







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