The real face of social: The Finsta

We’ve heard it time and time again. Our Facebook profiles, twitter feeds and Instagram accounts are all a portrayal of how we want to be perceived. Curated posts and selected photographs are added to our profiles everyday and our friends see how much fun we had the previous night. Or, at least, we want them to think we had fun.

A post lying in bed watching Netflix is rare to come by, unless accompanied by impeccable latte art and fantastical twinkle lights. We pull out all the stops so our followers believe in us. So that they believe we live comfortably through the trend lens. However, life is not all latte art and great lighting. In most cases, we watch hours of The Office while looking like we haven’t had sun exposure for at least a month with a semi decent mug of coffee from our single cup Keurig machine. No sign of luxury there, but what do we do to share this with our friends?

Our messy weekend rooms are not cool enough to share with the general public and our mainstream Instagram followers. However, there is a solution and that solution is called: The Finsta. The fake Instagram. No edits, no fuss, just reality. The fake Instagram is perfect for those moments that just can’t quite make it to our real pages.

The reality of the Finsta makes them all the more exclusive. Most Finstas are set to private and only close friends and other Finsta accounts are allowed to follow. So, we are comfortable sharing our real selves with the public, but only a selected public of trusted friends and other Finsta fanatics.

Double chins, acne spot treatments and bad lighting are all highlights of any good Finsta. Will they ever hit the mainstream?


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