Debate Mania: Trump vs. Clinton

Monday’s presidential debate was the most well-documented debate in social media history. From comments of Donald Trump’s nervous sniffling to criticisms and praise for issues such as ISIS, police actions, and foreign policy, everyone was talking about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Facebook, Twitter, and even Snapchat took the spotlight for content sharing about the debate. Snapchat filters provided by Trump’s campaign were humorous and widely popular. The opposition enjoyed using his sponsored filter to make fun of him, while his supporters used it to advocate for him.

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube livestreamed the debate, which was accessed by millions of interested viewers around the globe. These livestreams had about the same viewership as livestreams during the Rio Olympics in August. According to YouTube, 14 times more people watched this debate live than they did during the Obama/Romney debate in 2012. On Monday, viewers watched an average of five times longer than they did in 2012, and had over four times more concurrent viewers at peak times. Views on all debate-related videos exceeded 88 million on YouTube alone.

The social media content that pertained to the debate has been pointed and critical of both Clinton and Trump. During the debate, fact checking was up 3,000% according to content provider, Fastly. Even so, much of what people say on social media about Clinton and Trump goes unchecked, and is largely based on opinion. The debate addressed many issues that our country faces today, and social media users were not quiet about how they felt watching the debate.

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