Oversharing on social media

Today posting on social media about our life, possessions is very common. Despite all the warnings from professionals and pundits – beware colleges and company’s profile you based on your social media accounts, the pictures you post today can haunt you later on or the government can track your movements – people will post anything. Well Kim Kardashian, and we, found out the hard way that there are worse things than being tracked by the government through social media. You can be tracked by THIEVES! That’s right Kim Kardashian West was robbed at gunpoint Monday morning in her Paris hotel by 5 masked men who stole $10m worth of jewelry including a ring that was worth over 4million dollars. Days before the robbery Ms West had posted, or flaunted?, a pic of her ring on Twitter something she frequently does, and she is constantly sharing private moments, revealing intimate details including her location with her fans on Instagram and updating her Snapchat. Authorities believe that’s how the thieves knew where she was and what to steal. Her high social media profile also made her a visible target. By letting everyone know where she is and what she’s doing at all times she has made it easy for enterprising thieves to find and rob her. Her high social media presence also made her an easy target after the robbery for criticism and mockery on those same platforms whipping up a social media storm over all sorts of related and unrelated issues.

It’s great that we can share our thoughts and opinions with people around the world. And for better or for worse Social Media is now a part of our lives. So now we have to find a way to use it safely and compassionately.





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