What’s With All The Funny Business?

Recently everywhere in the news there seems to be a lot of malicious clown incidents. Some civilians have taken it upon themselves to go on a clown hunt. Others have been living in a constant state of fear.


A few states such as Pennsylvania have gone so far as to ban clown costumes for Halloween. As new and sporadic as this may seem it has actually been going on for quite some time. Clown sightings have been an issue for about 30 years now. So why is it a topic of interest now?


Social Media. The “first” recent clown sighting was so odd enticing that the story sparked a viral buzz. The internet spread this story like a wildfire and it became trendy news. Clown memes flooded the web and they became the punchline to many jokes. More media outlets started paying more attention to these clown mishaps and gave it more priority. Of course, more priority meant more notice and more coverage. Copycats have decided to join in on the “joke” and terrorize innocent people which then led to their arrests, more coverage and of course more clowns. What is also helping spark the flame is the time of year. October, a naturally spooky month with scary connotations because of the ever popular Halloween. It is expected to have reports of hooligan or just general odd news. What wasn’t expected was the wide outbreak of clown putting fear into the public. I think what’s more frightening about the clown epidemic is that we are only hearing so much about it now.


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