“Tinder Murder”, Coffee Cups, and a Lesson in Privacy.

The Australian “Tinder Murder” trial has just ended but not without some much needed coffee cup Instagram pics from a trial juror. The four-day trial covered the 2014 death of Warriena Wright. Wright fell 14 stories to her death after being locked on the balcony of her Tinder match, Gable Tostee’s apartment, upon meeting for the first time. Gruesome enough? No worries. One juror chose to lighten the mood with her witty daily artistic coffee cup posts!


Whether excited to trade her suburban, stay at home mom life for the court room or bored from lawyers bickering, the sly juror crafted a coffee cup Instagram story for each morning. Posts include her daily coffee cup to go against a self-proclaimed “#rainbow_wall” combined with a flood of unnecessary hashtags. Best of all are the captions for each picture that provides commentary on dropping the kids off to school on her way to deliberations or how she’ll miss being in the city but not being in jury duty.



Never missing a beat, trolls stormed in when Brisbane newspaper The Courier Mail published the news on the enthusiastic juror. Comments range from patronizing statements to words of encouragement while one commenter thought a bit of insight would be helpful. “… Jury Act 1995 (QLD) states that a juror must not communicate with anyone outside the court during any proceedings. Because of your cute little photos of coffee cups and by making mention of your jury duty, the judge has the right (and obligation) to discharge the entire jury and request a retrial,” the commenter wrote.


None the less, the trial was put on hold for a few hours, but the judge deemed the cup of joe posts lacking in enough details to risk an unfair trial.


So what can we take away from idiotic coffee posts? A lesson in privacy my friends! Here are a few quick tips to take into consideration when posting online for yourself and your brand:


  1. Be mindful of hashtags and location services. Use relevant hashtags in an appropriate amount. Flooding a post with irrelevant hashtags not only lessens the credibility of the post but can give far too much information out about where you are and what you are doing….like deciding the fate of a murderer.
  2. Create a policy. Before granting posting access to a number of people be sure to put a content sharing policy in place so social media use and content development is understood across the board.
  3. The Internet is permeant. Although posts and accounts can be deleted, such as the fate of the coffee cup juror, you don’t know who has screenshots and other receipts of your posts. Make sure everything you put out into the world is approved, accepted, and on brand.
  4. Close dead accounts. Accounts no longer inactive put a negative connotation on your brand. You may have forgotten about your Myspace of LiveJounal but some troll out there dug it up and your posts about that wild girls night out in Vegas may not look so good on the front page of Google News.

Have any other privacy tips? Be sure to share below.

Jury duty never looked so good!


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