Bop It. Twist It. Pin It. Buy It.

How Pinterest is Changing the Game with E-Commerce

First Things First

In October 2015 Pinterest announce Buyable Pins. What’s a Buyable Pin? A Buyable Pin is a simple and secure way to buy products on Pinterest. They show up on the home feed, boards, and in search results. A blue price on a Pin indicates that a user can buy it. For example, let’s say you’re looking for a new jacket. You can make a board on Pinterest, add all the buyable pins from a search, filter by price, choose a different color, and then buy directly from the Pinterest site or app. If you’re not ready to buy favorite your Pin and come back to it later. Pinterest allows you to buy with Apple Pay or a credit card that will save directly in the app.

But Why?

Research has reported that users of Pinterest are not only searching, they are also buying. 93% of visitors to Pinterest use the sight to plan a purchase and 87% of those visitors actually make a purchase after seeing something they like. So why not cut out the extra step? Pinterest can now be the “one-stop-shop” where users can not only plan but also purchase. 

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Through various updates over the past year, Pinterest has evolved their platform to accommodate the entire customer purchase cycle beyond just discover. In the most basic form of the purchase cycle discovery and awareness flow to the point of purchase, and then retention objectives take over. Pinterest is transforming into a social commerce hot spot in order to align with each of those purchasing stages. This is important for brands to know as the holiday season is rapidly approaching. Goodbye to the days of collecting catalogs and filling different shopping carts and hello to one-stop-shopping heaven.

-Lindsey Di Costa


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