WestJet Cheers Christmas With “12,000 Mini Miracles”

What is the “12,000 Mini Miracles”?

“12,000 Mini Miracles” is a social media campaign created by WestJet, which is a Canadian airline positioned itself as a low-cost alternative to the country’s competing major airlines. The goal of this social media campaign was to encourage the total numbers of 12,000 WestJet employees around the world to submit videos on different social media platforms (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc) of 12,000 mini miracles/ acts of kindness over a 24-hour time period on December 9th, 2015 — WestJet’s Mini-Miracle Day. Within the 24 hour time frame, WestJet employees uploaded videos about feeding the hungry homeless people; giving toys to kids; giving out warm blanket; paying for strangers; awarding free trips to Disney Land to selected families, etc. This campaign is one of the most famous marketing program that won the 2016 Shorty Award for best use of social media.


Opinions on why does it deserve to win?

  • Unlimited media coverage: The campaign was mentioned in 400 media outlets in 214 countries with over 2 billion media impressions!
  • High employee engagement: This campaign generated a high level of employee participation to WestJet, increasing their loyalty to the company and attracting more talented to work for it.
  • Great content marketing: WestJet took the new approach to create a movement, instead of a moment.
  • Great use of social media: By asking employees to posted their mini-miracle videos on social channels, WestJet was able to share posts on all the social media platforms to amplify the reach to its target audiences.
  • Media tour: WestJet also uploaded a behind-the-scene video about this campaign to mainstream media around the world to let them know more deeply about this campaign. Also, the company assigned special person to provide live interviews to regional and local media.
  • Strengthen the positive brand positioning to be perceived by the target audiences: By launching this creative marketing campaign, WestJet is able to easily catch people’s attention about the brand, and to strengthen their perception about WestJet as a consumer- and community-caring brand.


  • 31,793 mini miracles videos submitted
  • 2359 earned media outlets
  • Total earned media audience – 1,825,452,158
  • 126.5M Twitter impressions
  • 10.15M Facebook impressions
  • 5.5M video views
  • 220,000 engagements on Facebook (likes, shares, comments)
  • 21,504 total shares (Facebook & YouTube)
  • 96% positive sentiment online
  • 700,000+ page views of Christmas content on WestJet blog
  • Exposure in 214 countries

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