Will Facebook Become the New Craigslist?


As we all know Facebook was created in 2004 to primarily connect college students. Then it gained popularity and it created the possibility for people across the world to connect with one another.  Old high school friends were once again connected and family members who lived in different time zones were able to be partially involved in each other’s lives. Now our news feed is covered by individually targeted ads, 5second news stories, 10second recipe videos, 15second makeup tutorials, and 5minute videos of some cute animal/baby (specifically cats or sloths).


Recently Facebook decided to add a new feature called Market Place. Think of it as a less sketchy version of Craigslist. Just as Craiglist, Market Place allows the user to upload an image of an object for sale. At the other end, the buyer will get a notification of a new product for sale only near its own neighborhood.

Below is a short video illustrating how this new Facebook tab works:

According to Josh Constine, a writer for Tech Crunch, there have been 450 million people who visit this new buy and sell tab each month. Marketplace is being tested only in four different countries- US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. If it goes well there will be an expansion for other countries to use it as well.

Although this is definitely an exciting and useful feature for Facebook it can definitely become a problem for its brand image. Facebook can quickly lose focus of its brand association. Instead of focusing on being a social app where people can talk and connect with one another, it can quickly become a business site.

Do you think Facebook is stepping into dangerous territory for wanting to become a friendlier version of Craigslist?



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