A Priest and Imam Meet For A Cup of Tea

After Donald Trump was elected to be the next president. Everyone were talking about this. Some were anxious; some were excited. No matter which side people were, they got a lot of say.

Amazon recently released an ad that appears to be a response to the 2016 presidential campaign. This ad was designed to promote the company’s Amazon Prime membership, but it’s not just about the membership; it is more than that. In this ad, there are two main characters, a priest and a imam. They had a very nice conversation over tea. And when the imam prepares to leave, both men remark at their sore knees. They gave each other a hug and say goodbye. After that conversation, both of them take out their phones and buy the knee braces through Amazon Prime for the other. In the end of the ad, both of them kneel to pray with the knee braces on.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos tweeted this ad and commented that he was very proud of this ad. I totally agree. I really like this ad, and this ad certainly stirred up the social media. People retweeted this video or posted it on Facebook.


A nice original engaging social media content is just like this. It creates conversations and encourage people to share. The timing is right on point. Half of American are dissatisfied with the election result, and some of them even concern about their lives. President-elect Trump’s campaign was built on anti-Muslim. He wanted to ban Muslim entering U.S. He called for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our countries representatives can figure out what is going on.” This message infuriated a lot of American. And this ad tapped into people’s anger. While it delivers a message that no matter what religion you believe at the end of day we are all the same and we respect each other.


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