Netflix Goes Offline

Media giant Netflix seems to have single handedly changed the way in which we all interact with movies and television shows. The streaming service has inspired regular binging marathons and has even had immense popularity with the shows and movies that they produce on their own. The rise in popularity of streaming services over the past couple of years have completley changed the landscape; Netflix Originals are some of the most popular content that the company offers and they have managed to bring back popular shows due to fan demand like Fuller House and recently with Gilmore Girls.

All of this success hasn’t come without some issues. Since the popularity of Netflix Originals and the demand for more seasons at an even faster pace, Netflix has had to raise prices. Netflix has dropped their grandfathered $7.99 plan and raised prices to $9.99 in May of 2016. Some critics have griped about the service not offering as much as other competitors like Amazon Prime video, which comes as a perk with any Amazon Prime membership and Hulu. However the are offering lots of original content and doing so without ads.

One big points of contention that existed with most Netflix users, is that the streaming service was not travel friendly. Things are about to change.

Yesterday Netflix announced that they would add digital downloads to their services. Now users can download specific content and have it whenever and wherever they are. Netflix users have griped for years about wanting to have their shows and movies at their fingertips even if there is no internet access. This feature is available in the latest update and is no extra costs to users who already pay for access to a Netflix account. The company seems to be playing catch up to Amazon, who already offers this as a feature.

Making content available this way not only benefits those who can’t give up their binging addictions, but it makes it easier for parents to travel on planes without having to bring a host of DVDs to keep their kids occupied or pay for additional digital downloads. It also allows those who live in developing areas access content with spotty internet.

Whatever the reason, Netflix continues to assert their dominance as a media powerhouse.


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