Shell’s Interactive Post for Snapchat? Yes you read that right?

Shell released the above ad back in September as part of their ongoing #makethefuture campaign, which asserts that, “in the power of people’s ingenuity lie the answers to tomorrow’s energy challenges, and that together we can #makethefuture today.”

The ad features several artists (all of whom don’t look familiar with the exception of Jennifer Hudson, but maybe that’s just me) singing the pop hit, American Authors’ “Best Day of My Life.”

In an article upon it’s release, AdWeek noted that this ad was, “Catchy as Hell. But Will Anyone Believe It?”  They go on to say, “The goal is to make science feel less ‘cold and intimidating’ to young people by using pop culture to showcase new technology, says JWT London…’Best Day of My Life’ is fun and sticky. It’s natural to want to like it. The question is, can you trust Shell?”

Shell’s response was to redevelop the ad for SnapChat.  There’s definitely something to be said in terms of social media for that sinking feeling they’re trying to trick us millennials. The perception with some brands is that if it’s shiny enough and catchy enough and it’s on our hip cool social media apps, it’s resonant.  I’d say from this example that isn’t necessarily true.




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