Ikea Renamed Products After Frequently Googled Problems That Those Products Solve

Ikea’s most recent campaign tries to tap into the different aspects of a persons’ life and that no matter what happens, they will always be there for you.  “Where life happens” is the tagline of their latest campaign and it dramatizes various aspects of Ikea’s genuine presence in peoples’ everyday life. Through this constant interaction, Ikea continuously learns about how people live and what they need. Their lifestyle sparks the inspiration to develop products and solutions that fit with everyday life in an even better way.

Since Ikea has been exploring family dynamics, they decided to rename some of their products with the most common Swedish Google searches related to said family dynamics such as: “my husband snores too much” or “my daughter is out all night”. So, when people search for such things, the Ikea product that solves that problem shows up at the top of the search result — a couch for the snoring husband and a disco ball for the daughter that’s out all night. “Retail Therapy” puts Ikea’s “Where Life Happens” campaign into action with a website where products are renamed to match common Google searches in Sweden.

It’s a great way to optimize search engines and the creativity behind it is amazing. It does not answer just any question, but the ones that tie back to a relationship problem and which product would most likely help you solve it.

The brand isn’t asking us to take “Retail Therapy” seriously but it implies that they have the answers to your family problems and, if they can not help, at least they got you to put a smile on your face while you keep Googling for an answer.


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