To be competitive is to stay cool

Today Snapchat revealed its new features for the app. There are four brand new features in total. In this modern era, social media became more and more important and popular among public. So different social media platforms have to try out new features to attract customers’ attention in order to increase competition.

Twitter and Instagram both introduced their new video feature, and now it is Snapchat’s turn. Here are the four new features that are going to go live today.  

  • Groups:

This is the big one for Snapchat. The new group feature allows up to 16 people to chat together in a chatroom. It includes a way to leave the small online crowd to message with one of the persons in the group, and then—with one tap—rejoin the chat crew. Within the group chat, users are still able to use all of the voice notes, bitmojis, and stickers.


  • Shazam Capability:

This feature is actually really cool. Snapchat users are able to use the app’s camera to identify a song playing in their vicinity now. The representative explained: “When you Shazam a song, a pop-up box prompts you to learn more about the song. From there, you can listen to a preview clip, see lyrics, watch the Vevo video, and see recommended songs. The same options are available for songs you’ve Shazamed that are saved in settings. ”

  • Scissors:

This feature lets users cut out part of the message and turn it into a custom sticker. The sticker that users create can be stored in their account.

  • Paintbrush:

The messages can be dressed up with color and general artistic zeal now.

The battle of “best features” is heating up now. Social media apps are introducing new features every single month. Instagram just added live stories and live videos, and WhatsApp incorporated Snapchat-like camera capabilities. Facebook just introduced the marketplace feature. There are so many options out there, so to be innovated is the goal for these companies. They are intimidating competitors’ features in order to gain more users.

Stay cool is the tactic that social media companies use these days. They have to be innovated and cool in order to maintain their user base at the same time attract more. People’s reaction towards this are positive. Users tweet about this new feature and are excited about it.



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