Dove Challenges the Mannequin Challenge

The viral “Mannequin Challenge” has taken social media by storm in 2016 providing opportunities for families, offices, teams and friends to make a video that, put simply, involves the group of people in various positions around an area, standing very still. There have been a huge variety of these including famous athletic teams and YouTube stars, very few going with a message other than trying to be the best Mannequin Challenge.


Dove has been known for in the past for using their advertisements and campaigns spread body positive awareness and questioning the social standards of beauty. Their version of the Mannequin Challenge questioned the concept of why people should be like mannequins as opposed to mannequins being more like people. The content includes girls of different shapes, sizes, and colors dressed matching the mannequin they’re next to, simply stating the point that the mannequin follows this idealistic and unrealistic body image that so many Americans strive for.

This video was posted to YouTube on December 12th and currently has just over 7,000 views. Judging based on Dove’s other YouTube campaigns, we can expect this to at least reach 50,000 views in the relatively near future assuming it has the same lift of their other Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 6.50.23 PM.pngbody positive pieces of their Real Beauty campaign. It also seems safe to assume that while this ad is relevant to the content being produced by the general internet community now, it does not have the same emotional connection to some of their other Real Beauty campaign videos with millions of views. Some could say that this video would’ve had the potential to reach that kind of audience if the emotional / expected / beloved Dove emotion was included, but does keeping the point short, sweet and under a minute benefit the general concept?



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