Facebook Fact Checker

DisputedStory32.jpgFacebook has been getting a lot of dirt lately with the whole fake news dilemma and attributing Trump’s victory to this. The social platform has decided to implement a new measure to combat the so-called fake news and lies spreading through the medium. Facebook was used for circulation by fraudulent “news” sites, whose operators posted false headlines that were shared widely, driving web traffic and generating ad dollars. Now they have a plan to cut off phony sites that are trying to pass on as news sources.

According to AdAge, Facebook is designating third-party fact-checking sites to label posts as “disputed,” a warning that will appear prominently in the Facebook feed and pop up when someone tries to share the post. The fact-check organizations include Snopes, FactCheck.org and Politifact, which are part of Poynter’s International Fact Checking Network. The flagging process will start with Facebook’s users reporting any posts they consider suspicious. Once flagged, the independent fact-checkers will determine whether it deserves to be cataloged as “disputed” or not.

I believe this is a good move from Facebook since, everytime, more and more people are looking online for their information. Not everyone is aware that they should look for more information on what is being said in that news site. There are a lot of older people moving to social media and everything they see, they believe to be true.

What do you think?


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