Instagram Introduces Disappearing Live-streaming Live Video: Will it Win Out?

By Carina Chen // December 15th, 2016

After the long-time testings, Instagram finally rolled out its live-streaming live videos this Monday, December 12th. All Instagram users in the U.S. can now go live on video sharing network, and they can send notifications to chosen followers once they are broadcasting. As you may know, Its predecessors Facebook and Snapchat have already launched live videos for almost a year. And as a user for all these three social media platforms, I am very curious about how does Instagram differentiate itself from its competitors and how likely will it win out?


Accessing to this live video streaming feature is very easy. First, you need to go to Instagram Stories. In the Stories page, you have to start by swiping right in the opposite direction of the feed and opening up the Camera area. And last step, you can press start live video button whenever you want and begin your live video. Also, when they are online on Instagram Live, you can choose to send your notifications to all of your followers or just send to one or two of your important friends.  Viewers can comment, or tap repeatedly to add hearts exactly like on Periscope but with their face in some of the hearts. And once you finished, the interface will displayed on your page. Furthermore, if you want to view others’ live videos, you don’t need to wait notifications from your friends. There is a “top live’ section in the app that allows you to play popular live streams that are happening in the real-time.


According to Variety, Instagram’s head of product Kevin Weil said that the goal of both live streaming and private disappearing photos were all about broadening the scope of the service. “Instagram should be a platform for all your moments,” he told Variety, arguing that Instagram had over the past few years turned into a highly curated service for people’s best photos, and that these new additions would allow for more intimate and less polished experiences .

Social media platforms are aware that Live streaming is a new stage of development in the industry, and are all trying hard to win the space. In the beginning of this year, Facebook launched its Facebook Live, competing with Twitter’s Periscope. Other successive live streaming platforms include Snapchat, YouNow, Youtube. And going live is a necessary step for Instagram to follow up and keep a market space with its competitors. With its large user volume and enjoyable sharing atmosphere, Instagram has a high possibility to win out.

So have you tried using Instagram Live yet? How do you feel about it? Do you think it is better than Snapchat or Facebook Live?




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