Podcast Branding

Are podcasts the new blogs? Maybe so.

In this bustling and moving age, people don’t always have the time to sit down and read something as much as they would like to. Podcasts let people stay up to date on what they’re interested in and be hands free and eyes free to do other things.

After the boom of podcasts such as Serial and This American Life, brands including eBay, GE, Netflix, and State Farm are betting on audio shows as the next great opportunity for customer engagement.


Brands partner with established podcast companies with existing fan bases to cross-promote branded content that generates a new source of revenue.

The co-founder and former president of Gimlet Media – a Brooklyn based audio company – Matt Lieber was quoted saying, “When we think about how ads sound on Gimlet, we want them to feel like they come from the world of the show. No one wants to hear a 30 minute eBay commercial, but there is a large audience that’s interest in a show about starting a business in 2016 and what the elements of that are.”

NPR forecasts that podcasts will account for 35% of its ad sales, representing a 17% year over year lift. Podcasts are a great place for small brands to start and for larger brands to expand in an organic environment full of opportunities.


Lindsey Di Costa


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