Popular Podcasts To the Rescue

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 6.16.01 PM.png

Podcasts are amazing. Of course not all, but the medium itself is revolutionary. Podcasts take so little effort, they are great on a walk, before bed, in the car. Podcasts, the good ones, are informative, witty and just the right amount of story.

Some of my favorites at the moment are Still Processing, The New Yorker Radio Hour (love some David Remnick), and the Bon Appetit podcast. Intellect, pop culture and food. All we really need in life, am I right?

Podcasts are important to me right now because much of my life is on the go. Music cannot be blasting (at a respectable level) in my ears all day. I just get tired of it. Listening to the hosts of Still Processing makes me laugh, think, and enjoy. More than any Beyonce song can, and that’s saying a lot. Adam Rapoport, Editor in chief of Bon Appetit, hosts a food podcast so interesting, it is almost as good as cooking the recommendations.

I highly respect the art of the good podcast and I suggest you get on board.


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