Should We Block the Hate About Blocking Hate

Instagram recently unveiled a new feature on its platform allowing its users to disable comments. While agreed the option to able to disable comments was praised many were questing whether or not the feature should be used.


Trolling isn’t a foreign concept to the internet and comments filled with hate or heated debates will forever be a feature of our platforms. So the option to disable Instagram comments seems like it should have been earlier on. However, many people seem to express negativity towards those who decide to disable their Instagram comments.

This isn’t the first time disabling comments or ratings on social media has sparked controversy. Many influential people on youtube, (famous or infamous) have gotten a lot of hate for disabling the comments or removing the ability to rate on videos with extremely negative feedback. The same tends to happen when the user deletes or blocks negative comments. This seems to be ironic considering the main advice given to those being bothered by someone is to ignore the person. On social media, they’re told to block them or delete their comments. This has also been seen with those in the public eye on Twitter blocking a user. Many celebrities are often criticized for blocking other celebrities or anyone who has expressed negativity towards them. While conversations with those who have differing opinions than you is very important, and you should never surround yourself with those who only think the same way as you do, there is a clear difference between opposing sides and nonbeneficial conversation. Most likely the controversy revolving disabling comments can be attributed to the criticism of the younger generation. Many believe that millennials and the generations below them are sheltering themselves. There is a belief that they are in a bubble and should not try to constantly block out negativity, as the world is filled with negativity.


What are your thoughts?



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